What’s Changed Since 1977?

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What’s Changed Since 1977?

Mark Allen- CEO

The photo above shows the founder Jessie Bown (on the far right) who established the company in 1877. I have not been around for that long (thankfully), however here at J Bown I have seen many changes over the years & none more than the way we manufacture our products since I first started in 1977. 

Overhead Cranes

The material from the furnaces was removed via overhead hand winched cranes to the presses & then hand moved with specially adapted tooling called dogs (not the furry kind), to be correctly aligned for forming.

It is safe to say this is no longer the case today. We have eleven specially modified stacker trucks, lifting from two to seven tonnes in weight, significantly cutting down the period from furnace to press, which is critical for certain material grades/types.

The Furnaces

At the time, we had a mixture of Oil & Gas type, but since the early 1980s, gradually phased out oil, to be replaced them with natural gas fired furnaces, which are now the most environmental friendly on the market. They are fully automated by individual pyrometers, linked to digital read outs & heat treatment charts.

IT Systems

The information for all of this is directly fed from the sales office to the production office, which in turn issues paperless information to all relevant departments with all manufacturing data needed. Each section has its own IT system in the works allowing immediate access to its own production details, all which are updated every thirty seconds. It can take less than a minute for an order to be processed, giving us, we feel, the intimate fully automated sales order & processing system.

This is just a brief description of a small number of changes I’ve witnessed in my time at J Bown, but we are constantly looking at new data to enhance our techniques.

Mark Allen – CEO J Bown & Co Ltd

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